Write and/or design your latest brand launch, research report, white paper, or lead generation asset.



Share your brand or insights with your audience from a talened senior copywriter ticklin' the keys. Grow your email list, promote other services, or generate revenue through direct sales.


Lay out your ideas in a crafted design with on-brand type styles, color palettes, graphics, charts, and more to clarify complex information, making the e-book more accessible and easier to understand.


Week 1: Concept development

  • Define the topic and scope of the e-book.

  • Outline chapters and key content areas.

Week 2: Writing initial drafts

  • Begin writing content in Google Docs.

  • Complete drafts for initial chapters.

Week 3: Content completion

  • Share completed draft in Google Docs.

  • Collect feedback and make necessary edits.

Week 4: Design in Figma

  • Transfer text to Figma for layout and design.

  • Incorporate visual elements such as images and graphs.

  • Review and approve initial e-book design in Figma.

Weeks 5-6: Finalization and export

  • Make final revisions based on design feedback.

  • Finish designing remaining pages.

  • Export the final version as a PDF.


One PDF asset

Average delivery in 4 to 6 weeks
Brand and messaging required!
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Write and/or design your latest brand launch, research report, white paper, or lead generation asset.
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