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Component-based marketing for efficient production

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Stories are essential to being human, as we mentioned in our Philosophy. Now imagine that you could craft a compelling story, tell that story once in all its glory, and replicate it many times in many ways in the many places where your audience lives. We call this component-based marketing.

Each foundational element of your story, brand, tech stack, content, and more becomes a “component” in a larger, comprehensive system of your entire marketing operation. That’s why we built the Story+System+Send℠ process: to beautifully present your brand to the world as efficiently as possible.

Story + System + Send℠

Let’s look at each section of the process in turn.


Every project or partnership must begin with its story: Who are you? Who are your customers? Why should they care about you? Answers to questions like these form the foundation of your brand’s marketing. This is what marketers call “messaging,” and these variables are essential elements to your overall marketing strategy from which you can build everything else.

But your message doesn’t just help focus the strategy—it also helps inform your visual identity, like your logo, color palette, type styles, photo library, and more. Knowing your core audience and your value to them guides virtually every decision thereafter, including your visual look and feel.

That’s why we then wrap that story in a visual identity using component-based design. A design system like this allows us to define the core components of your visual brand within a functional design system, not just a pretty PDF. Think of this as the building blocks from which we can build anything.

Now that we have the story in place, we can create a marketing system to scale.


Market smarter, not harder. We take that to heart by creating rigorous processes and thinking through the underlying variables for everything we make. This includes design templates, project management workflows, and tech stacks.

By thinking in systems, your dollars can go farther, faster.

The most important system in your marketing operation is your website. It’s the wellspring from which your brand lives and moves and has its being. With a modern website built on tools like Webflow, you can build a comprehensive system that forms the backbone of your marketing automation, lead capture, and content management.

We then connect the website to other tools like analytics dashboards, a podcast studio, a social media management platform, email software, no-code apps, and more. Modern platforms like these improve scalability and ease of use with design system variables and CMS collections to produce lots of content quickly.

Now that we’ve created a design system and integrated that with a marketing system, including publishing workflows and technical implementation, we can send that beautiful story to market.


Great content marketing combines beautiful storytelling and efficient systems to distribute your story where it’s most relevant. That includes the most relevant media type.

Of course, email campaigns, pitch decks, and social media posts represent integral assets, but we recommend that in the age of AI, every brand should start with an internal or external podcast.

Why a podcast?

Because you’re the expert. Talking about your business for a few minutes a week is exponentially easier than running an entire marketing operation, so let AI do the heavy lifting for you. A podcast is simply the best way to leverage AI. In just 30 minutes, you can get many assets built on your own authentic voice and brand. We call this workflow Voice to Market℠.

  • 1 full episode in HD audio to syndicate on all your favorite podcast platforms
  • 1 full episode in HD video for YouTube and other video platforms
  • 1 blog based on the conversation
  • 1 newsletter to promote the episode or snippets from the conversation
  • 1 set of show notes for use on websites, podcast platforms, and more
  • 1 transcript to build other derivative assets
  • Social content and video clips for LinkedIn, Instagram, X, and all the others

Need a host? No problem. We can co-host your podcast for a natural conversation.

Don’t want to publish it? Some clients use our workflow to interview executives for their brand’s internal documentation, sales sheets, training, and more.

From this workflow, we can publish virtually anything—on brand, every time.

What happens when you become a client?

When you’re ready to start a project or become a partner, we’ll guide you every step of the way, starting with a smooth onboarding experience.

1. Welcome aboard.

You’ll first receive an onboarding email with a link to schedule a discovery call where we’ll ask you about your partnership or project. We’ll then set up your design system to begin building assets.

2. Access granted.

Next, we’ll get you set up in the tools required to complete your work, including:

  • Shared folder
  • Project management dashboard
  • Any relevant design files

And for Project Pro→

  • Single-app subscription (all your marketing apps managed through Snapmarket)
  • Podcast syndication
  • Social media publishing
  • Email publishing

And for Partners →

  • Social media management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Slack channel
  • And more!

3. Creation begins.

For project management, we are disciples of Linear. This is the way. You can read about their method and concepts. Know that we’re building your tasks and projects according to its principles, including working with weekly cycles, project milestones, and project updates. This work is then translated and communicated to you via our project management dashboard.

4. Timely deliverables and updates.

You’ll receive mostly asynchronous updates via our project management dashboard, which will include email updates. These updates are often accompanied by Loom videos so you can see what we’re talking about without the need for two-way meetings. Of course, needs and complexity arise where it’s more efficient to hop on a quick call, so we’ll offer a project sync to stay nice and tidy 👌🏼

5. Measure your results.

Every month we’ll review partners’ performance in our analytics dashboard to ensure we’re doing our best to deliver a high-quality experience as well as high-quality results.

6. Watch it grow.

Queue up projects as needed, or become a partner for continuous projects, consulting, reporting, and development. We’re here for the long haul, even without contracts or RFPs.

Let’s get started.

We hope you can see how our Philosophy and our Process result in highly scalable, highly efficient marketing operations for solopreneurs, startups, midsize businesses, and agencies alike.

We believe component-based marketing is the future of our industry. Come along for the ride 🤙🏼