Podcast episode

The Voice to Market (V2M)™ podcast workflow is a streamlined process designed to turn each podcast recording into a comprehensive suite of marketing assets.



Producing a podcast episode is an authentic way to engage an audience, offering a unique platform for storytelling, sharing insights, or exploring topics in depth. It allows creators to establish a personal connection with listeners, fostering a sense of community and loyalty. Additionally, podcasts provide a versatile content format that can reach a wide audience anytime and anywhere.

The best part? By recording a podcast, paired with the latest AI tools, you can document the way you think on the internet to be used for unlimited future assets.

Need a co-host? If you don't know how to host a podcast and facilitate a conversation, you can hire our host to run the show to hit record, ask questions, and guide you to audio glory.


Step 1: Set up recording virtual recording studio (optional)

Partners gain access to, a state-of-the-art digital recording studio styled and ready for your podcast. Also available in the Project Pro subscription. We'll work together to define your video template formats and design (intro and outro themes, lower thirds, titles, etc).

Step 2: Record podcast episode

Whether you have a full fledged podcast that needs editing and social media support, or a fledgling podcast just getting started, we’re ready to bring it together for the world to experience. We'll schedule a time to record together, if needed, otherwise we'll move your existing files on to editing.

Need help getting started? Add on one of our experienced co-hosts to help get the conversation going.

Not wanting to broadcast? No problem. Internal podcasts are a great way for subject matter experts (SME’s) to communicate their ideas for knowledge bases or internal reports, and they’re also a great way to generate social media content by voice.

Step 3: Edit podcast

Once things are recorded and transferred to us, we’ll edit the podcast. We’ll apply your visual templates, balance audio, do a simple color adjustments. From there, we’ll send you a file to review and approve for publishing.

Step 4: Publish podcast (Partner and Project Pro)

We’re glad to manage your podcast distribution so your content marketing workflow is truly as efficient as having a 15 minute recorded conversation. We provide podcast syndication services through on our Partner and Project Pro plans.

View pricing.

Step 5: Get assets

We leverage human-supervised AI to create a week’s worth of social media assets from a single podcast episode. See the deliverable packages below. This V2M™ process averages 1 week per episode after recording. While these assets will be delivered at the project level, our Partner and Project Pro subscriptions enabled managed scheduling and posting of these assets as well.

Again, view pricing.


These assets to be reviewed and approved through the development process.

  • Full length audio/video file
  • Blog
  • Newsletter
  • Show notes
  • Transcript (unedited)
  • 3 video social clips with post copy
Average delivery in 1 to 2 weeks
Brand and messaging required!
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Podcast episode

The Voice to Market (V2M)™ podcast workflow is a streamlined process designed to turn each podcast recording into a comprehensive suite of marketing assets.
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