Project Pro
per month
per month
Who is this for?
Partners get a one-stop-shop marketing team with custom projects and indefinite timelines. Projects are for catalog-defined scopes of work.
Agencies and businesses wanting to scale production.
A maintenance plan added to projects for a managed marketing tech stack.
Small- to mid-size businesses wanting an integrated marketing team.
Scope of work
Project scopes and timeframes are determined by our project catalog, with Partners able to define custom projects relative to a weekly deliverable.
Projects purchased via Catalog
Projects purchased via Catalog
+ Quick fixes
1 active project with weekly progress
Number of teams
Think of "teams" as brands, business units, or clients (if you're an agency).
1 per subscription
1 per subscription
Access to digital marketing team
You get the whole team every time: content, strategy, web dev, graphic design
Marketing strategy and consulting
Some projects require strategy, and partners get custom insights when they need them.
Weekly project updates
Get updates every Monday and when work is ready for review.
Office hours
Got a quick question? Let's talk IRL.
Single-subscription apps
Get access to the $1000+ of pro apps we host for partners: social media publishing, analytics, newsletters, digital podcast studio, graphic design, video/audio editing, Webflow website hosting, project management, and more.
Podcast syndication
Send your podcast across the airwaves to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more.
Newsletter publishing
Newsletters, email announcements, letters to comrades, whatever you need.
Social media publishing
Publish your assets across your channels. (But we don't do community management, like commenting or reposting.)
Slack channel
Slack is The Way, especially for on-the-go teams.
Custom projects
Partners can define their own scopes, and we'll work on the project from there, targeting one substantial deliverable per week.
Marketing analytics
Real-time performance across your marketing stack.
Market monitoring
Recurring insights for your brand and industry
Coming soon 👀
Billing & admin
Free discovery call
Let's talk about how we can serve you!
Email support is worth every penny.
Built-in project management
Gain access to our project management dashboard for real-time updates.
Easy credit card payments
Easy peasy.
No time tracking or RFPs
Thank God.
Cancel anytime
Seriously, we'll be here for you when you're ready.

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