May 18, 2024

007: resisting hype, pursuing authenticity in marketing

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In the seventh week of Snapmarket's journey, the founders discuss refining their messaging and approach to marketing based on insights from Praxis, a Christian organization focused on redemptive entrepreneurship. They reflect on the ethical implications of traditional and contemporary marketing strategies and emphasize the importance of truth, imagination, and storytelling in their work. They aim to balance effectiveness with integrity, aligning their business practices with their values and principles.

Snapmarket's Seventh Week: Balancing Ethical Marketing with Effective Storytelling

As Snapmarket progresses into its seventh week, we’ve been reflecting on how to refine our messaging and approach to marketing. Drawing inspiration from Praxis, an organization dedicated to redemptive entrepreneurship, we are striving to create a marketing strategy that is both effective and ethically grounded.

The Challenge of Ethical Marketing

Traditional marketing often relies on strategies that play to customers' fears, uncertainties, and desires for status. This approach, while effective, raises ethical concerns. We’ve encountered industry practices that emphasize manipulating emotions or using unverified statistics to drive sales. These tactics, known as FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt), are commonly used to create a sense of urgency and need among consumers.

However, this method has always felt disingenuous to us. It conflicts with our values of honesty and integrity. We believe that marketing should be about more than just driving sales; it should be about telling the truth and building genuine connections with customers.

Insights from Praxis

Praxis offers a framework that aligns with our vision for ethical marketing. They emphasize crafting brands through imagination and truth, advancing narratives of virtue and hope. Instead of playing to customers' insecurities, they advocate for marketing that is based on truth and realistic aspirations. This approach resonates deeply with us and provides a guiding principle for how we want to conduct our business.

For example, Praxis’s playbook on redemptive business suggests that businesses should avoid marketing based on fear or status and instead focus on telling good, true, and beautiful stories. They advocate for conveying the possibility of real good on earth, recognizing that ultimate fulfillment is found in God. This perspective challenges us to think differently about our marketing strategies and the stories we tell.

Aligning Our Practices

Inspired by Praxis, we’ve been re-evaluating our approach to ensure it reflects our commitment to integrity. Here are some key adjustments we’re making:

  1. Truthful Storytelling: We aim to tell stories that are both inspiring and realistic. This means being honest about what we can deliver and avoiding exaggeration or manipulation.
  2. Ethical Marketing: We’re moving away from fear-based tactics and focusing on messages that promote hope, virtue, and genuine value. This involves rejecting the use of FUD and ensuring our claims are backed by real data.
  3. Redemptive Branding: We want our brand to reflect our values of honesty, integrity, and service. This includes avoiding language and metaphors that suggest conflict or competition, instead emphasizing peace and cooperation.

Practical Steps Forward

Implementing these principles involves practical changes in our daily operations and client interactions. Here are a few steps we’re taking:

  • Revising Messaging: We are revising our marketing materials to align with our commitment to truthful storytelling. This includes our website, social media posts, and client communications.
  • Client Onboarding: We are incorporating initial intake sessions with clients to better understand their needs and ensure our projects are aligned with their goals and values.
  • Iterative Feedback: We are actively seeking feedback from clients and partners to continuously improve our approach and ensure it remains ethical and effective.

Balancing Effectiveness with Integrity

One of the challenges we face is balancing the need for effective marketing with our commitment to ethical practices. Traditional marketing methods can be highly effective, but they often rely on tactics that conflict with our values. We believe it’s possible to achieve success without compromising our principles.

By focusing on truth, imagination, and redemptive storytelling, we aim to create a marketing approach that not only drives results but also builds trust and fosters genuine connections. This means being transparent about our capabilities, setting realistic expectations, and prioritizing the long-term well-being of our clients and their customers.


Snapmarket’s seventh week has been a time of reflection and refinement. Inspired by the principles of Praxis, we are committed to developing a marketing strategy that is both ethical and effective. By focusing on truthful storytelling and redemptive branding, we aim to build a business that not only achieves success but also contributes to the flourishing of our clients and their communities.

As we continue to grow and evolve, we are dedicated to staying true to our values and providing marketing services that are rooted in integrity and excellence. We believe that by aligning our practices with these principles, we can create a positive impact and build lasting, meaningful relationships with our clients.

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Brandon Giella
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