May 18, 2024

009: Fitness Mondays, Efficient Agency Workflows, and the Importance of a Solid Onboarding

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In the tenth week of Snapmarket's journey, the founders discuss recent developments, including a successful website design for a client and the importance of maintaining physical health amidst the startup grind. They delve into their iterative design process, emphasizing the value of quick, initial drafts to facilitate feedback and refinement. They also explore the need for a robust onboarding process, the benefits of a formal design review system, and the goal of treating marketing as a manufacturing process to ensure consistency and quality.

At Snapmarket, we’ve been focusing on refining our iterative design process, enhancing our client onboarding, and exploring the concept of marketing as a manufacturing process. These elements are crucial to delivering high-quality, efficient services that meet our clients' needs and exceed their expectations.

Embracing Iterative Design

One of the highlights of our recent work has been designing a website for a client through our iterative process. This approach, inspired by the concept of "shitty first drafts," emphasizes creating an initial version quickly to facilitate feedback and refinement. By presenting clients with a tangible draft, we make it easier for them to critique and provide specific feedback, accelerating the design process and ensuring a final product that meets their needs.

For instance, our website designs often receive a high approval rate from clients on the first pass, with only minor adjustments needed. This efficiency contrasts sharply with traditional agencies, where such a process might take six weeks or more. Our goal is to get clients to market faster, staying relevant and responsive to their needs.

Enhancing the Onboarding Process

A critical component of our success is a robust onboarding process. By gathering comprehensive brand guidelines upfront, we can reduce the need for multiple iterations and streamline the production of brand assets. Tools like Loom facilitate quick, effective communication, allowing us to capture essential details and preferences from clients.

We’re also exploring the use of transcripts from initial intake meetings to inform our work. These transcripts can be summarized using AI to generate relevant brand guidelines and insights, enabling us to hit the ground running with well-informed design iterations.

Formalizing the Design Review Process

To maintain high standards, especially when working with agencies, we recognize the need for a formal design review process. Inspired by insights from industry leaders, such as the team at Linear, we aim to establish a structured review system. This will ensure that each iteration aligns with our quality standards and meets client expectations.

By incorporating a second set of eyes and validating design decisions, we can achieve excellence without introducing excessive red tape. This approach balances speed with the thoroughness needed for custom, bespoke outputs.

Marketing as a Manufacturing Process

We’re also conceptualizing marketing as a manufacturing process. This involves refining our workflows to ensure consistency and quality across all deliverables. By perfecting the "mold" of our processes, we can produce high-quality outputs efficiently, meeting the high standards expected by our clients.

This approach emphasizes the importance of well-defined, repeatable processes for routine tasks, allowing us to focus our creative energy on more complex and custom aspects of our work. It’s about creating a balance where automation and human creativity complement each other, ensuring both efficiency and excellence.

Looking Ahead

As we continue to evolve, our focus will be on refining these processes and ensuring that our services are both high-quality and efficient. By embracing iterative design, enhancing our onboarding process, formalizing design reviews, and treating marketing as a manufacturing process, we are positioning Snapmarket to better serve our clients and achieve sustained success.


At Snapmarket, we are committed to delivering exceptional value through innovative and efficient marketing solutions. Our iterative design process, robust onboarding, and focus on treating marketing as a manufacturing process enable us to meet and exceed client expectations. As we continue to refine our approach, we look forward to helping our clients succeed in an ever-changing market. Stay tuned for more updates as we expand our capabilities and continue our journey of innovation and excellence.

Brandon Giella
Brandon Giella
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Parker Smith