May 18, 2024

012: Hello, new website (soon), service catalog

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The Snapmarket team is excited about new developments, including the use of the Riverside podcast platform, known for its high-quality virtual studio experience used by major companies like Disney and Spotify. They are also working on enhancing their brand's visual representation and developing a comprehensive catalog of fixed-price marketing services. This catalog aims to simplify the client experience by offering a seamless e-commerce solution for purchasing marketing services. The team is focused on improving project management to ensure smooth operations and client satisfaction.

Upgrading to Riverside

Snapmarket has recently upgraded to the Riverside podcast platform, renowned for its top-tier virtual studio experience. Riverside is used by industry giants like Disney and Spotify, ensuring the highest quality for podcast recordings. This upgrade will provide Snapmarket's clients with an enhanced recording experience, thanks to Riverside's advanced features and user-friendly interface. The team is thrilled to offer this improved service, reflecting their commitment to delivering the best tools and experiences to their clients.

Enhancing Brand Visuals

In addition to technological upgrades, Snapmarket is working on enhancing its brand's visual representation. The team recently had a meeting with their designer to discuss design direction and new ways to visually represent their brand. The goal is to create a captivating visual experience that aligns with Snapmarket's values and services. The designer's dedication and creativity have resulted in impressive catalog images that will be showcased on the new website. This attention to detail highlights the importance of strong visual communication in building a compelling brand identity.

Introducing a Fixed-Price Services Catalog

A major initiative at Snapmarket is the development of a comprehensive catalog of fixed-price marketing services. This e-commerce solution is designed to streamline the process for clients, allowing them to easily browse and purchase services online. The catalog will feature a variety of offerings in podcasting, branding, and website design, with each service clearly described and priced. Clients can add services to their cart and proceed to checkout, similar to a typical online shopping experience.

The fixed-price model provides clarity and simplicity for clients, eliminating the complexities of billable hours and long-term contracts. This approach is particularly beneficial for agencies that need specific services on a one-off basis, without committing to a monthly subscription. By offering both fixed-price services and a subscription model, Snapmarket caters to a diverse range of client needs, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

Improving Project Management

To support these new initiatives, Snapmarket is also refining its project management processes. The team is focused on creating a seamless and efficient workflow that meets service level agreements (SLAs) and ensures timely delivery of tasks. By establishing clear guidelines and schedules, Snapmarket can better manage the dynamic nature of creative work while maintaining high standards of quality and client satisfaction.

The improved project management system allows the team to handle unexpected requests and tight timelines more effectively. By accounting for the unique differences of each client and project, Snapmarket aims to provide a tailored and responsive service. This structured approach benefits both the clients and the internal team, creating a harmonious working environment where creativity can thrive within well-defined parameters.

Overall, Snapmarket is making significant strides in enhancing their service offerings and operational efficiency. With the new Riverside platform, a visually compelling brand, and a user-friendly fixed-price services catalog, Snapmarket is well-positioned to deliver exceptional value to their clients.

Brandon Giella
Brandon Giella
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Parker Smith