May 18, 2024

003: app v1, pricing, referrals

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In the third week of Snapmarket's launch, the founders are feeling the strain of balancing personal and professional responsibilities. Despite the challenges, they are excited about launching their new app, which promises to revolutionize client relationships by streamlining communication and delivering marketing assets quickly. The team discusses refining their pricing strategy to be more straightforward and introducing a referral program to incentivize new clients. They remain committed to maintaining high standards of service and being generous with their clients and partners.

Snapmarket: Navigating Challenges and Celebrating Milestones in Week Three

In the third week of Snapmarket's journey, the founders are experiencing the growing pains of a startup. Balancing personal commitments, such as childcare and managing multiple businesses, has proven to be more challenging than anticipated. Despite these hurdles, there are significant milestones and exciting developments that signal a promising future for the company.

Launching the Snapmarket App

A major highlight this week is the launch of Snapmarket's custom app. This app is designed to streamline client communication and deliver marketing assets quickly and efficiently. The app's simplified task management system, complete with commenting features, allows all project-related communications to be funneled through one platform. This consolidation not only reduces the cognitive load for clients but also provides valuable data to improve automations and make informed decisions.

The app represents a fundamental shift in how clients interact with a marketing firm. By enabling clients to receive deliverables within hours or days, Snapmarket sets a new standard for speed and efficiency in the industry. Early feedback from clients has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the app's potential to revolutionize marketing services.

Tackling Communication Overload

Modern digital workspaces are often cluttered with various communication tools, from texting and email to Slack, Microsoft Teams, and project management apps like Asana. This fragmented communication landscape can be a significant headache for both clients and service providers. Snapmarket's app aims to centralize all project communications, thereby eliminating the confusion of tracking conversations across multiple platforms.

Refining Pricing Strategy

Snapmarket is also revisiting its pricing structure to ensure clarity and simplicity. The current model, which includes different tiers based on the number of deliverables, can be confusing for clients. The founders are considering a new approach where pricing is based on the delivery time for a single deliverable. This model, familiar to clients who are used to paying premiums for expedited services, is expected to be more straightforward and easier to understand.

Additionally, the team is exploring add-on options for agencies that need to supplement their client work. By continuously refining their pricing strategy, Snapmarket aims to provide a transparent and value-driven service to its clients.

Introducing a Referral Program

To incentivize new client acquisitions, Snapmarket is launching a referral program. Under this program, individuals who refer new clients will receive a commission of 10% of the gross revenue for the first six months of the subscription. This generous referral fee aligns with Snapmarket's commitment to being generous with its clients, contractors, and partners. It also serves as a motivator for people to recommend Snapmarket’s services to potential clients.

Emphasizing Community-Based Marketing

The team continues to focus on community-based marketing strategies. Engaging with potential clients in specific online communities, such as Slack channels, Discord groups, and Twitter threads, has proven to be more effective than general marketing approaches. This targeted strategy fosters meaningful connections and enhances the company's visibility within relevant niches.

Commitment to Generosity and Service

A core value at Snapmarket is generosity. The company offers discounts for nonprofits and plans to donate 10% of its gross revenue to charities and churches. This commitment extends to the referral program, where generous commissions are designed to reward those who help bring new clients to Snapmarket.

Looking Ahead

As Snapmarket moves forward, the team is excited about the potential of their new app and the continuous improvements in their service offerings. They remain dedicated to simplifying marketing processes for their clients and delivering exceptional value through innovation and efficiency. Despite the challenges of balancing personal and professional demands, the founders are optimistic about the future and committed to achieving their ambitious goals.

In conclusion, Snapmarket's third week has been marked by significant progress and strategic refinements. The launch of their app, the rethinking of their pricing strategy, and the introduction of a referral program all point to a bright future for the company. By staying true to their values and continuously innovating, Snapmarket is well on its way to transforming the marketing industry.

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